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The Town of Horseheads is required by the State of New York to conduct fire safety inspections of commercial properties, places of public assembly and multiple family dwellings. The following is the excerpt from New York State Law, which establishes the mandate for these inspections:

NY Code, Rules & Regulations Title 19 ...Chapter XXXII 1203.3

(h) Fire safety and property maintenance inspections. Provisions shall be made for: (1) fire safety and property maintenance inspections of buildings which contain an area of public assembly at intervals not to exceed one year; (2) fire safety and property maintenance inspections of all multiple dwellings and all nonresidential occupancies at intervals consistent with local conditions, but in no event shall such intervals exceed one year for dormitory buildings and three years for all other buildings

Code Enforcement personnel will be performing said inspections. When the Inspector is conducting the inspection of the property, it is necessary to have a building representative accompany the Inspector through the building during the inspection. This enables identification of violations and discussion of violations that need to be corrected in order for the building to come into compliance with the Code(s).

Once the inspection is complete, a fire inspection report will be prepared and the building representative will be provided a copy. Where violations have been noted, said inspection report shall serve as Notice of Violation(s) and as an Order to Remedy Violation(s). This Office allows approximately 30 days for you to correct most items deemed to be in non-compliance. Under certain circumstances, less time may be allowed for you to correct health and life safety issues, which require immediate attention and corrective action. The Fire Inspection Report will also clearly indicate the re-inspection date and time.

During the re-inspection, the Code Enforcement Officer will examine all corrections made. An Operating Permit will be issued once compliance is achieved. The Operating Permit must be clearly posted in a public area.

You should also be aware that there is an inspection fee. This fee is based on square footage of the building. We have established the fees schedule to cover the Town's costs in performing the work, which the State of New York has mandated. The fee schedule can be found here:

There is a printable Pre-Fire Inspection Checklist attached for you and/or your staff to use in order to better prepare your facility for inspection.>>

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