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How do market changes impact assessments?
For example, four home owners purchased homes in Horseheads for $100,000 in 2002. Over the years, the value of real estate has changed. House A may now sell for $80,000, house B may still sell for $100,000, house C may now sell for $120,000 and house D may now sell for $160,000. Updating the assessments will reflect the new market values and will fairlydistribute the tax burden based on the current market value of each property.

What percentage of market value is my home assessed at?
The Assessor inventories and values Real Property at a uniform percentage of value which is 93% for the Town of Horseheads.

How do I challenge my assessment?
The Assessor's office accepts informal assessment review requests annually from July 1st through March 31st. Formal reviews are conducted annually on Grievance Day, the 4th Wednesday in May. An application must be filed in hard copy format at the assessor's office on or before 8:00 pm on the 4th Wednesday of each May. The Assessor's Office begins accepting Grievance applications on May 1st; early filing is encouraged.

What is STAR?
STAR is the New York State School Tax Relief program that provides an exemption on a portion of school property taxes for owner-occupied, primary residences. There are two types of STAR exemptions: Enhanced and Basic.

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