Changes to STAR Exemption



NYS froze the STAR exemptions at the 2019 value.

This includes both STAR BASIC and ENHANCED STAR. 

NYS did this to encourage property owners with STAR exemptions to switch to receiving a check instead of a reduction on their school tax bill.  The NYS STAR checks may increase 2% per year as school budgets increase but the exemption will remain frozen at the 2019 value.

In order to maximize your STAR benefit you need to change to receive your STAR rebate in check form. To register for the STAR rebate in check form, have the following information available and follow the instructions below:

  • 2020 Tax Bill
  • Social Security numbers for all property owners
  • Birthdates for all property owners
  • 2019 Income tax statement (1040 or 1099)

Once you have all the required information, follow this link:

Instructions for registering to receive your STAR exemption in the form of a check:

Click this link:

  1. You will be asked to retype the numbers on the screen then click continue. Scroll down and click “Register for Star”.
  2. Answer the question “Is the property part of a mobile home park or co-op building?” Note: Horseheads does not have co-op properties.
  3. Select “No” for “Do you have a property key?”. Answer all questions then click Continue.
  4. Fill in property information and click Search.
  5. Scroll down, click on your property, click the circle to select your property then click Continue.
  6. Finish answering all questions (remember to scroll down on each screen to be sure all questions have been answered).
  7. Once all questions are answered, click Submit.
  8. Be sure to print and save your confirmation for future reference.

If you don't register to receive a check, the more school tax years that pass the greater the increase in your school taxes will be due to the exemption amount being frozen at the 2019 value.

Resources for questions registering for STAR exemption:

NYS STAR Hotline: 518-457-2036 - Note: there may be a long wait.

Town of Horseheads Assessor's Office: 607-739-0873

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