• The site plan is drawn to a scale or survey map showing the size of the lot, location of buildings, location of improvements, and distance to property lines and other buildings.
  • Building plans and/or specifications are drawn to scale. Plans shall include details on the footer, foundation, floor, wall roof construction, insulation, plumbing, windows, and doors. Purchase a copy of the building codes online
  • Residential plans must show energy code compliance. Window and door schedules must be submitted with U values each. View free software for energy code compliance.
  • New residential construction without sewer requires Chemung County Health Department Septic Permit before a building permit can be issued. Contact their office at 607-737-2019
  • All commercial building plans for new construction, additions, and change of occupancy must be referred to the Planning Board for site plan approval before a building permit can be issued. The Planning Board meets every first Wednesday at 7 pm. All applications must be submitted to the code office 10 days before a scheduled meeting.
  • In some cases, plans must be stamped by New York State Engineer or Architect, in compliance with New York State Education Law. Changes or amendments to the stamped plans will not be accepted unless they have been reviewed by the issuing licensed professional.
  • Two copies of site plans, building plans, and specifications must be submitted for review.
  • Contractors must submit proof of general liability insurance and workers compensation insurance or proof that it is not needed. Self-employed contractors with no subcontractors, helpers, or other workers must submit:
    • New York State Workers Compensation Form CE-200. See link to Workers' Comp.
    • Contractors with employees, subcontractors, and others must submit a Workers Compensation Board form C105.2 or New York State Insurance Fund form U26.3.

An accord form is not acceptable proof of New York State Workers Compensation or disability benefits insurance coverage. Homeowners must submit Workers Compensation form BP-1(3/99) if the homeowner is the contractor to prove that they are exempt from the law by:

  • The homeowner is performing all the work.
  • Is not hiring, paying, or compensating in any way individuals that are performing all the work that which the building permit was issued or helping the homeowner perform the work
  • Has homeowner's insurance policy that is currently in effect and covers the property for which the building permit was issued AND is not paying individuals a total of fewer than 40 hours per week. This is the total aggregate hours of all paid individuals on the job site.